Weardale Trust

Independent Specialists for Recruitment, Tax-Planning, Financial Services & Investments. Take home up to 90% of what you earn, fully compliant with UK law. Your one-stop shop for work and financial peace of mind.
Weardale Trust offers over 16 years of placement solutions including, but not limited to arranging the transition from all military professions and skilled trades to civilian life in contracting, temporary and permanent positions, both UK and world-wide. We will arrange your visa too, as necessary. Use Trust Services for your next assignment.
Trusts have been used for 100’s of years to legally shelter profits in a tax-free environment. You can retain up to 90% of your earnings fully compliant with UK law.
We have two types of Trust:
The Commercial Benefit Trust, where your income can be placed as a tax-deductible ‘administrative expense’, and from where withdrawals can be made tax-free.
The Asset Trust, where all assets i.e. houses, property, cash, shares, jewellery can be permanently placed in an environment free of all Capital Gains and Inheritance taxes.
Weardale Trust offers joined up Trust-friendly accountancy to take care of your tax returns, and access to mortgage provision tailored to your role, whether self-employed contracting or traditional PAYE, also all provision of insurances and pension planning to suit your individual needs.
Beat low bank interest rates and uncertain stock market returns with our inflation busting investment options. We have three carefully selected products, offering returns of 8-15% per year.

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